Registration for 80G Certificate – The Complete Guide

The tax structure of India allows tax exemption for both donors and recipients, for this NGO/trust/society needs to register itself under Section 80G and Section 12A of the Income Tax Act.  .

Section 12A/12AA allows the institution to avail of the direct benefits by exempting itself from paying the income tax, whereas Section 80G enables the donors who contribute to the registered institutes to avail of certain tax benefits on their contributions. 

Procedure to Register under the Section 80G of the Income Tax Act

  • Apply for an 80G certificate to the Commissioner of Income Tax within the jurisdictional area of your institution, along with the required documents.
  •  Once you apply, the Income Tax Department will do the required on-premise inspection.
  •  Upon inspection, the Income Tax Officials might ask for additional documents or evidence if they find something missing or unfit.
  •  After the successful completion of verification of both documents and institute, an 80G certificate is granted to the institution by the Commissioner.


Documents Required for the 80G Registration:

The following documents are required for 80G registration is as follows:

  •  MoA and Registration certificate in case of Section 8 companies and Societies and a Trust Deed in case of a Trust
  •  NOC from the owner of the property and the copies of utility bills and house tax receipt
  •  Form 10G along with A copy of the PAN of the NGO
  •  Copy of Utility Bills such as electricity bills, water bills or House Tax Receipt
  •  A list of the donors along with their addresses and PAN
  •  A detailed list of the Board of Trustees
  •  The documents related to Income Tax Returns and the Book of Accounts of the past three years
  •  The list of the welfare activities being carried out & the progress report of the last three years


How can we simplify the process of getting an 80G certificate?

Amidst the operational activities of the institute, it is strenuous to get involved in all these registration processes. Nevertheless, to save your time as well as efforts, we at Muneembhai accomplish the complete process on your behalf.

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