Account Payable Outsourcing Services
For a business, sometimes it becomes an arduous task to maintain a large number of invoices and other accounts payable documentation while managing core business operations. Account payable although isn’t related to the operational activities of the organization, is still to amplify the working capital, promote cash liquidity and saving, and establish strong supplier relationship management, it is a must to have a streamlined process for the AP.

What is Accounts Payable Outsourcing?
 In simple terms, accounts payable outsourcing means hiring a third-party vendor to administer and manage the invoice and bill-related process for a business. Such vendors help to revolutionize your payment activities by merging them with customized tech solutions.

Why Must Business Consider Outsourcing the Account Payable Services?
Hiring a third party vendor for accounts payable not only reduces your workload but can also facilitate multiple benefits, which are as follow:

  • It is a cost and time step effective as you aren’t required to go through the recruitment process and expenditure for hiring a new employee.
  • It improves your cash management as outsourced AP vendors usually carry out these activities with AP automation platforms that best suit your business requirements.
  • Apart from clearing out your account payables, the outsourced AP can also help you out with analysis, month and year-end close, reconciliation, and AP document management.
  • It improves the company’s agility by clearing all your invoices before due dates.

How will Muneembhai assist you with streamlined Account Payable Services?

  • We take efforts to go through all the payable data from your end to match invoices with the purchase orders for error-free transactions.
  • Once we make sure of the authenticity of data, we process it right from creation through to order approval, dispatch, invoicing, delivery, and closure.
  • After processing, we run quality checks and budget checks to eliminate the risk of duplicate payments and support recovery and reclamation.
  • Lastly, we accomplish the task by disbursement in minimal time through print, distribution, and Secured maintenance of checks, check proofing return, and handling special invoice mail and electronic payment.

Business Value
Financial accounting deals with the determination of profit, and account payable is a part of it. It is the process that takes time to stabilize the business. We understand this and try our best to put the value that works as an add-on for your project.

  • Formulating order management on mutual terms with the clients to avoid further miscommunication
  • Aligning the plan of action with the client’s policy to ensure the relevance and feasibility of the project.
  • Assisting in timely improvements and updates within the financial accounts and statements during the set framework.

With us, think beyond the profit and give the future to your investment!


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