Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Form Registration

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) mandated all the limited companies and firms involved in corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to file eForm CSR-1 for all their CSR projects effective from 1st April 2021. Additionally, if any NGO/society/trust wants to conduct CSR activities funded by corporations and companies, then it must register itself with the central government. .

Eligibility for Filing the CSR 1 Form :

The company can only apply for the CSR 1 Form if it undertakes the CSR activities or with the following entities:

  • The registered society and public trust, Section 8 company or the institute established under Section 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act, which is incorporated by the company or by the Central or State Government or has an established track record of at least three years in undertaking similar activities.
  • Entities are registered and established under a State Legislature or Act of Parliament.

It is mandatory for an entity or a company to register itself with the Registrar of Companies by filing the CSR-1 Form electronically.


Form CSR-1 Filing Step by Step Process:

These are the following steps for CSR 1 Registration

  • Visit the MCA portal and select ‘MCA Services’ then choose the ‘e-Filing’ option from the drop-down list
  • Click on the ‘Company Forms Download’, scroll down to the ‘Incorporation services’ heading and click on the ‘Form CSR-1’ under the ‘e-Form’ row to download the form.
  • The CSR-1 Form will be downloaded in a zip folder. On your PC open it and extract it.
  • Fill out the form and give it for verification to a Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretary (CS), or a Cost Accountant (CA) in practice.
  • After verification, submit the CSR-1 Form on the portal and you will receive the unique CSR 1 Registration Number


Documents Required for Form CSR-1

  • Copy of PAN card and registration certificate of the entity
  • Copy of 12A and 80G exemption certificate or NGO Darpan ID, if applicable
  • DSC and PAN of the authorized person signing the form
  • Company CSR policy and report  
  • Complete details of the subsidiary and other entities  

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