Stream Google Drive Videos in MX Player without Downloading

Learn how to effortlessly stream Google Drive videos on MX Player without the need for downloading. With this straightforward technical guide, you’ll be able to seamlessly enjoy Google Drive content on your Android or iOS device using MX Player.

Mx Player

MX Player stands out as one of the top video player applications for Android, renowned for its intuitive interface, comprehensive gesture controls, subtitle and codec support, among other features. Much like VLC Player, MX Player offers the capability to stream media directly from the internet, provided you have the correct streaming URL.

Utilizing MX Player’s network streaming feature, you can access and play videos stored on Google Drive without the hassle of downloading them first. While the process may seem a bit technical at first, following these steps will ensure smooth playback:

Steps to Stream Google Drive Videos on MX Player:

Step 1. Create a Google Drive API:
To initiate streaming on MX Player, you’ll need to generate a Google Drive API Key. This key is essential for crafting a GoogleAPI URL link, enabling playback on MX Player without the need for downloads. Refer to a guide on how to create a Google Drive API Key for detailed instructions.

Step 2. Generate a Sharable Link:
Locate the desired file on Google Drive that you wish to stream through MX Player. Access the file’s options menu (denoted by three dots), proceed to “Manage People and Links,” and adjust the file’s sharing settings to “Anyone with the link.” Copy the sharing URL provided, and save the File ID for later use.

Step 3. Craft the Google API URL:
Compose a Google APIs URL by inserting the copied File ID and API Key into the designated sections of the URL template:
Once completed, save the generated URL.

Step 4. Stream Video on MX Player:
Launch MX Player on your device, navigate to the menu option, and select “Network Stream.” Paste the URL created in Step 3 into the provided field and confirm. The video will commence playback seamlessly within MX Player.

For a visual walkthrough of the process, consider referring to the accompanying video tutorial for detailed insights into API Key creation and URL configuration to enable smooth playback of Google Drive videos on MX Player.


In conclusion, armed with this straightforward guide, you can effortlessly generate a playable Google Drive link and enjoy uninterrupted streaming of Google Drive videos on MX Player directly from your mobile device.

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